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Riley Plumbing Central Victoria are specialists in backflow installation, testing, maintenance and repair. We will deliver a complete management service to keep you compliant.

Scott Riley’s 30+ years experience in the plumbing industry, covering both commercial and domestic projects has enabled him to acquire skills which produce quality work, providing a superior service. As well as our backflow services, Riley Plumbing also provides a broad range of general and commercial plumbing services covering all your plumbing needs.

Contact us today for a competitive price on your next project and experience our superior service.

Our Services

General Plumbing

  • Plumber & Gas Fitter
  • New Homes
  • Renovations – Kitchens, Bathrooms, Extensions, etc.
  • Septic Tanks
  • Treatment Plants
  • All your general plumbing needs.

Backflow Devices

Avoid risk and death to our Community

The integrity of the entire Network Utility Operator’s reticulated water supply system depends on your device complying with The Water Act 1989. One property can contaminate the water supply for everyone else connected to that system.

Under normal conditions the pressure downstream of the cross connection is less than the upstream pressure. However, if this relationship is reversed backpressure occurs and contaminants may enter the potable water supply.

Since The Water Act of 1989 a series of laws and regulations have been put in place to ensure the water of reticulated supply systems in Australia remains potable.

If your property does not comply, your water will be shut off to preserve the Network Operator’s System. But with our backflow prevention, installation and testing services you can continue operating your business without worrying about this important aspect of regular maintenance. Riley Plumbing will manage your device for you and keep you compliant!

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Blocked sewers and drains
  • Leaking Taps
  • Leaking Toilets
  • Replacement of spouting and downpipes
  • All plumbing maintenance and repairs

Hot Water Units

  • We offer prompt reliable same day changeover of your leaking Hot Water Unit with competitive pricing, commissioning and compliance certificate.
  • We will remove old unit from site.
  • “Worry free service”

Commercial Plumbing

  • Backflow – Testing, Installations and Repairs. We manage your devices for you.
  • TMV – Testing and repairs
  • Grease interceptors – Maintaining and Installation. We can supply EPA certificates.
  • All aspects of commercial plumbing (small and large projects)